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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Day At Aswan | Aswan Egypt Day 4

I was rather exhausted after the long day, so it was good that the last activity for the day was a relaxing felucca (sailboat) ride on the Nile River to watch the sunset. Really, the Nile is beautiful - but I could have done without passing all the cruise ships docked at the sides. Apart from that, I enjoyed the slight breeze. I do not usually take time out from my day to watch the sunset. I should do that more often - only the view at home is not as great as the view on the Nile!!

Pictures of the Sunset on the Nile River, Aswan Egypt

After the relaxing cruise, I headed back to the cruise ship - walking. While the rest of the group visited a local spice market. I wanted to shower! On the way back, I passed by a Aswan bazaar located not too far from where the ship was docked. I made note to visit it after dinner.

Dinner was not the usual buffet. I actually prefer the options for the buffet. The highlight was the dessert. After the waiters cleared our plates, we were left waiting for sometime. The people at out table began to gripe about the tardiness. But suddenly the lights dimmed, and the waiters and chefs came out thumping on small drums, and singing a cheery song. It was our finale dessert making its way out.

I had no idea what they were singing, but it sounded festive. So nice that the ship crew actually made an effort to make our last night on the cruise ship a special occasion for us. The dessert itself was all right for me, ice cream cake - since I am not much of a dessert person - I am not a good judge. But all the others looked like they enjoyed it!

Last Night on our Nile River Cruise Ship

After the exciting finale to our dinner, I went walking to the local Aswan bazaar with a friend. I think it is quite safe to walk about in Egypt at night - we were two females alone, but most people left us mostly alone, although curious looks were common. Ignoring call outs is a sure way to get them to leave you alone - key is not to make eye contact and walk forward.

The bazaar I went to appeared to be catered for the locals. There were no tourists and the sellers did not harass us at all. It was fun walking about there - but there was not much variety - it was a rather small bazaar. I found a store selling galabiyas, and I found one that I liked. He wanted 155 Egyptian Pounds for it, but I bargained it down. I insisted on 120 and finally he gave it for that price. But it was a size medium, which was huge on me. Still, it was lovely - heavy cotton with intricate embroidery. I intend to get it altered to make it smaller.

Back at the ship, we chanced upon an old couple. We had seen them on the ship together, and we stopped to speak to them. I asked the wife if what I paid for the galabiya was a good price. She looked at it and said it was all right price - the real price would have been around 100 (her husband translated this into English for us). They invited us to sit down for a chat. He told us that he was the assistant director of police of the Luxor-Aswan division. And he actually lives in Luxor. And his wife lived in Cairo. She was here visiting him now. Then he showed us some pictures of his daughter who was recently married in Cairo. He showed us his son - who looked like a young version of Obama!

And so ended my last day on the Nile cruise. The following day, I would have to wake up early for my flight to Cairo.

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