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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nile Cruise | Egypt Day 3

After our morning visit to Temple of Horus, we returned to the cruise ship on the horse drawn carriages. The cruise ship was set to sail at 10.30 am that day. It was the first time since we've been on the ship, that we had sailed so early. This was a welcome chance to relax on the top deck during the day time.

Right after we got settled in, I went to the top deck. I ordered myself espresso and sat down under the shade as close to the rails of the ship as I could. Then I enjoyed the slight cool breeze as the ship sailed. The speed at which the cruise ship traveled was just right - neither too fast or slow. I would say it was at the speed of a slow train.

Here are some beautiful shots of the Nile as the cruise ship sailed.

The Nile River, Egypt

View from Inside the Cabin Room

Another Cruise Ship Heading
in A Different Direction from Us

Width of the Nile River - About 700 metres

A Jetty

Typical Houses Along the Nile

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